Keyfobs for Uganda

There’s still a need of $1100 to complete the women’s sewing project in Jinja.  These funds will provide the women with rent for the sewing house, 4 pedal (treadle) machines, cutting table, shelving, irons, scissors, threads, the needed tools to begin sewing. 

Photo: Friends i greet you in the mighty name of Jesus' Christ. This is Jennifer, is a widow with 2 two children and a professional tailor, she will be our new sewing manager for Sewing Circles of Hope soon starting this month, God has blessed us with a double room house where our sewing classes will be conducted from, there is an emergency of 100.00$ for rent for this month, the landlord is threatening to give away the house but it will be unfortunate for us if we let it go yet its a golden chance we have now. Please i do call upon all of you to support us raise this rent's funds so that we can start the classes soon. We are in need of basic start up requirements for these classes too. Our Deadline is Saturday of this week to book this house, so whoever has 1$, 5$ and more please inbox Jennifer Blackwelder Taylor or me for on how to donate.

I invite you to be a part of their story…$1100 is a small investment especially considering what’s on the other side of that.  It quite literally changes the lives of these women–breaking the chains of poverty…giving them a way to provide for their children with dignity.  They will be able to feed, cloth, and educate their children, as well as being a ray of hope for their community. 

If you’re still in need of a few last-minute gifts…consider purchasing a key fob — 100% of the proceeds goes towards equipping these women with the necessary tools towards becoming successful with their sewing.  These ladies have patiently waited all year to open the sewing center.    Our goal is to begin training in January…but first we must meet this monetary need.  Let’s bring Christmas to this small group of ladies this year by giving them a gift that keeps on giving!  I can’t wait to hear their celebration!Photo: Are you or a friend in the process of adopting? Fundraise with Forget Us Not! {{Orphan+Widow}}

You can purchase a key fob through the Etsy page – here.  Enter “Sew4Uganda” as the coupon code to receive the $10 deal.   You can also view all the designs/prints available on the Facebook page, here. 

If you are interested in making a donation towards the sewing project or the children’s orphanage at Wind of Victory, you can donate easily through paypal, here.